John Ertler

Composer, sound engineer & accomplished musician.

John began his career in 1978 working at ABC-TV Hobart, then moved to Sydney in 1981 where he worked as a sound engineer at Channel 7 and Custom Video. 

During this period he composed TV theme music for The James Hardie 1000, Newsworld and The World Around Us.

In 1988 John expanded his private studio so he could provide original music scoring to picture and TV sound post production.

Since locating to Sydney, John has composed and produced theme music and sound mixing for TV shows such as Getaway, Our House, Changing Rooms and 60 Minutes.

John has worked with many recording artists over the years, collaborating and recording, to take their recordings, and careers to the next level.

If you would like to talk about recording, mixing and mastering your music, get in contact with me! All levels of experience, talent and budget are welcome.

Artists I've worked with

I have collaborated with artists from various genres.  Music styles that I produce include Pop, Country, Soul, Funk, RnB, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Folk and Gospel.

Renee Geyer

Doug Parkinson

Wa Wa Nee

Marty Rhone


Peta Evans Taylor

Kris Cummins

Guy Walton

Francis Edwards

Diane Tatum's Magic Garden